Get the current page content type alias

How to get the current rendered page document (content) type.

Imagine you have a masterpage which calls a searchbar partial view. The masterpage can be used on any page and the partial passes the SiteRoot model to the partial

  var siteSettings = Model as SiteRoot;
<partial name="master/_header" model="siteSettings" />

The _header will always have the model type of SiteRoot but if you are on a results page for example then you might want to do something specific e.g. hide the search bar because there is a search bar already on the search results page.

You can check what page your partial is being rendered on like so :

@inherits UmbracoViewPage
 var siteSettings = Model.Root() as SiteRoot;
var isResultsPage = UmbracoContext.PublishedRequest.PublishedContent.ContentType.Alias == SearchResults.ModelTypeAlias;

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